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Home Loan

Everyone dreams of having their own home. But buying a property requires lot of money and is not possible for people of lower class to collect that much money at once

Personal Loan

Personal loan are meant to meet the personal needs of an individual. People can use this money for anything they want. They can but some expensive gadgets.

Vehicle loan

Vehicle loan or to be more specific car loans fulfills your dream of having a car or a bike. This loan is offered by almost all the banks in India.

Education Loan

Banks also provide education loans to their customers. These loans provide better study opportunities for the students who are financially backward.

Gold Loan

Among all types of loans in India, the easiest and fastest one to get is a gold loan. Earlier when gold rates were increasing at an exponential rate, this loan was the most popular.

Agricultural Loan

India is a land of farmers. Most of the people in India till date are dependent on agriculture. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the farmers also.

Cash Credit

Cash credit is the payment done by the bank to the customers in advance. This facility allows the borrowers to borrow a certain amount of money from bank.

WBCVF volunteers loan

Banks also provide WBCVF  to their customers. These loans provide better opportunities for those who are financially backward and required a loan


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  • Home loans are long term borrowing instruments with a minimum tenure of 5 years and a maximum tenure of 30 years. The tenure offered to you for your personal loan depends on the loan amount that is sanctioned to you by the lender along with other factors.

    • Find out the various lenders who would be interested in providing you with a home loan based on loan amount, income level and related criteria provided by you.
    • Compare the home loan offers based on factors such as interest rates, processing fees and other relevant factors.
  • Once repayment capacity determines your eligibility to apply for home loan, lenders consider the following factors:

    • Income level of the applicant
    • Age  of the applicant
    • Qualification (stability and occupation continuity)
    • Resident status (maximum limit for an Indian resident differs from that of a non-resident)
    • Spouse’s income (household income is taken into account when there is a co-applicant)
    • No. of dependants (it is a measure of repayment capacity)
    • Credit history and score (past repayment track record)
    • Status of existing loans
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